Reggie Rockstone slams Opanka over his “Sh**thole Country” song

Opanka just 24hrs after the release of his new song ‘sh*thole country’ has received ‘shots’ from the founder of Hiplife, Reggie Rockstone for supporting Donald Trump over his sh*thole comment he used to describe Ghana.
In Opanka’s words, he described how he had a second thought of his just-released song.
He wrote:
Barely 24hrs after the release of my new song ‘sh*thole country’, I had a call from my big brother Reggie Rockstone and he broke it down to me why I shouldn’t have used Donald Trump’s inexcusable rant about African countries or his image to express my heartfelt concerns about Africa and Ghana which I totally got the point after our conversation. It’s unfortunate how the title and artwork might seem to support what Trump said, but it’s something I wouldn’t want to be part of and therefore in no certain terms will I want to endorse it.
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