HOT AUDIO: Flagstaff House gave NPP 50 Billion for party Confab – Obiri Boahen

Deputy General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party, (NPP) Nana Obiri Boahen has made a startling revelation on how the seat of government the Flagstaff House, dolled out a whopping amount of 50 billion to fund last year’s NPP National Conference held in Cape Coast in the Central Region.

In a secret recording of a conversation he had with a known NDC activist based in the USA, (Kweku Skirt) whom Nana Obiri Boahen claims he (Skirt) lied to him he was an NPP member before granting him the interview, the loquacious Lawyer is heard passionately lamenting about how he’s been poorly treated by the part as he has no office to himself, no car, receives no salary, but always works assiduously in the party’s interest.

“As the Deputy General Secretary of the party, NPP has been in power for 11 months, I’ve not been given even a car. I swear to God, I swear by other powerful river gods, I use my personal monies to buy fuel into my own car and use it for party work.  Recently when I traveled to Spain for an NPP event, the party members there bought my ticket, again when I went to Germany recently, an NPP member bought by ticket once again. I don’t have even an office of my own, I’ve never been paid a salary ever since I was appointed, that’s the reality I’m telling you.

“Recently when we were going to Cape Coast, I was given GHC3,000 as a member of the Resolution Committee and GHC2,000 for fuel, menawhile, the Flagstaff House gave to the party an amount of about 50 billion. Party Headquarters we have no car, as I’m speaking to you, if you get to Kotoka International Airport and you want us to come and pick you to the Party Headquarters that will not be possible because we don’t have a single car. I’ve decided to keep quiet and look on.

“No Minister has called me to ask if I have a company so that some contract at the Ministry can be awarded to me. No MCE has ever told me this, No Regional Minister has said this to me. What is going on is grabbing…grabbing. I’ve been very active in the NPP since 1992, if my lot didn’t improve then, must it remain the same now?

“You see the MP who was murdered, whenever ever his case is up for hearing in court, I go to court on my own with my own resources. At the end the hearing a give monies to the media from my own pocket. Ask our Acting Chairman that when is JB Dankwa’s case coming up, ask Acting General Secretary when J.B Dankwa’s case is coming up, ask the Chief of Staff about this same case. Whenever I go to court for the hearing, I end up giving out GHC1,000 to the media, this is my own money. I have go to London on the 20th, but because J.B Dankwa’s case is coming up on 21, I’m rescheduling my flight and I’ll pay the penalty so that I’ll be able to go to court.

“My Acting General Secretary, John Boadu has never told me, maybe party headquarters we’ve secured this contract so I’m allowing you to also do some work, no, this has never happened. I’ve kept quiet, I’ve gotten some rice I’m eating now, so please don’t remind me of my predicament lest I’ll be sad. Allow me to eat my food.”
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